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Pharmacy Tech Certification Prep Course (Summer 2021 4 of 4) (CE870_CRNxx)
This course is designed to prepare the individual to take the nation Pharmacy Technician Certification exam (PTCE) offered through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). An overview will be provided on the outline of the exam and the application process.
Ongoing Not Available
Pharmacy Tech Math (Spring 2021 3 of 4) (CE805_CRN60591)
This course is an introduction to basic mathematical tools used by Pharmacy Technicians.
Ongoing $396.00
Python for ArcGIS (CE001_CRN60914)
This course will have Students use python to produce solutions to automate geo-processing functions using a variety of programming methods, structures, and data sources.
Ongoing $95.00
Spanish for Law Enforcement (CE002_CRN60786)
This self-paced course provides an introductory overview of Spanish for Law Enforcement for those with little or no Spanish proficiency.  Commonly used phrases, vocabulary, and grammatical structures will be mastered through a variety of interactive activities and assessments. Cultural insights accompany each module. 
Ongoing $50.00
Theory Training for Class A & B Commercial Drivers (CE051_CRN60417)
This fully online self-paced course covers industry knowledge required to obtain a Class A or B Driver's License.
Ongoing $300.00
Understanding Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (CE130_CRN60449)
Conflict is all around us, but it isn't something to be feared! In business and personal relationships, there is bound to be conflict between individuals.
Ongoing $89.00
Working in a Diverse World (CE026_CRN60446)
This course focuses on exploration of our diverse traits, behaviors, beliefs, and practices in relation to how we perceive and interact with others in our working environments.
Ongoing $89.00