Spanish for Law Enforcement (90401)

Course Overview

This self-paced course provides an introductory overview of Spanish for Law Enforcement for those with little or no Spanish proficiency.  Commonly used phrases, vocabulary, and grammatical structures will be mastered through a variety of interactive activities and assessments. Cultural insights accompany each module.  


Course Objectives:

Students will be expected to be able to greet a Spanish speaking subject, to be able, with basic Spanish pronunciations, to have personal exchanges, to learn commands, to learn how to obtain information, to be able to do a vehicle stop, to learn how to handle basic medical emergency and to learn terms for control and arrest.  They will also learn a basic language and culture overview, and will be provided with communication strategies.  

Course Modules:

  1. Language and Culture Overview
  2. Spanish Pronunciation
  3. Greetings and Personal Exchanges
  4. Communication Strategies
  5. Officer Commands
  6. Obtaining Information
  7. Vehicle Stops
  8. Control and Arrest
  9. Medical Emergencies
  10. More Vocabulary and Review
  11. Appendix: Additional terms
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Price: $50

Format: Self-paced
Duration: 16 hours (Course may take longer to achieve mastery)

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Price: $50.00