PM Advanced English as a Second Language (71062)


Course Overview

This instructor-led course provides an advanced level of English grammar and conversation for those looking to improve their English for use in the community, college, and career environments. The course will cover commonly used phrases, vocabulary, and grammatical structures through a variety of interactive activities and assessments. Classroom activities will provide students with opportunities to read, write, listen and speak English. Homework, websites, and other assignments will be given for completion outside of class.


Learning Objectives:

  • Refine listening and speaking skills in situations related to everyday life and both familiar and unfamiliar social situations.
  • Recognize common spelling and grammar mistakes and make confident real-time self-corrections in oral and written communication.
  • Gain confidence on the job and fluency in conversations with coworkers.

Course Topics:

  • Advanced conversation and pronunciation practice
  • Verbs in the future, conditional, and passive voice
  • Regular and irregular verbs 
  • Writing paragraphs


Feel free to check out the schedule or email us with any questions you have! 

Price: $340

Format: In-person class-please note that masks are required while on campus.

Location: Midtown 1 campus

Duration: 50 hours 

Completion of a new student orientation session and placement testing is required.

Please email us to find out when the next orientation will be.

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