CompTIA Security+ (CRN 70414)

Course Overview:

CompTIA Security+ will teach you how to ensure that a network is secure, how to detect and deal with security threats, identify vulnerabilities and cryptography (the writing and solving of codes). The acquisition of the Network+ certification will mean that you have a superior understanding of various security- and networking-related matters.

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will plan, implement, and maintain information security in a vendor-neutral format. This includes risk management, host and network security, authentication and access control systems, cryptography, and organizational security.

You will:

  • Compare and contrast different types of social engineering techniques.
  • Analyze potential indicators to determine the type of attack.
  • Analyze potential indicators associated with application attacks.
  • Analyze potential indicators associated with network attacks.
  • Learn different threat actors, vectors, and intelligence sources.
  • Learn the security concerns associated with various types of vulnerabilities.
  • Summarize the techniques used in security assessments.
  • Learn the techniques used in penetration testing.
  • Learn the importance of security concepts in an enterprise environment.
  • Summarize virtualization and cloud computing concepts.
  • Summarize secure application development, deployment, and automation concepts.
  • Summarize authentication and authorization design concepts.
  • Implement cybersecurity resilience.
  • Learn the security implications of embedded and specialized systems.
  • Learn the importance of physical security controls.
  • Summarize the basics of cryptographic concepts.
  • Implement secure protocols.
  • Implement host or application security solutions.
  • Implement secure network designs.
  • Install and configure wireless security settings.
  • Implement secure mobile solutions
  • Apply cybersecurity solutions to the cloud.
  • Implement identity and account management controls.
  • Implement authentication and authorization solutions.
  • Implement public key infrastructure.
  • Use the appropriate tool to assess organizational security.
  • Summarize the importance of policies, processes, and procedures for incident response.
  • Utilize appropriate data sources to support an investigation.
  • Apply mitigation techniques or controls to secure an environment.
  • Learn the key aspects of digital forensics.
  • Compare and contrast various types of controls.
  • Learn the importance of applicable regulations, standards, or frameworks that impact organizational security posture.
  • Learn the importance of policies to organizational security.
  • Summarize risk management processes and concepts.
  • Learn privacy and sensitive data concepts in relation to security.

Refund Policy

Any student who wishes to drop a course may do so by visiting or calling any of the campus Welcome Centers. These requests must be made no less than one calendar day prior to the first class meeting date to be eligible for a full refund of tuition and fees (except for any tuition or fees noted as nonrefundable).

Unless otherwise specifically stated or approved, no refund will be issued after a course-start date.

We do not issue partial refunds in the event that a student starts a course late or does not complete the course.

Online course registration and payments are limited to one per person.

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Dates/Times: 9/20/2021 - 9/24/2021 10:00am-6:00pm

Format: Remote Classroom Training

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You will see the instructor's computer, slides, notes, etc., just like in the classroom. You will be following along, doing work, labs, and individual assignments.

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