Beginner English as a Second Language (CE034_CRN61598)


Course Overview

This instructor-led course provides a basic level of English grammar and conversation for those looking to improve their English for use in the community, college, and career environments. It serves as a prerequisite for intermediate and advanced non-credit English. The course will cover commonly used phrases, vocabulary, and grammatical structures through a variety of interactive activities and assessments. Classroom activities will provide students with opportunities to read, write, listen and speak English. Homework, websites and other assignments will be given to be completed outside of class.


Learning Objectives:

  • Function in situations related to immediate needs and in familiar social situations.
  • Possess simple oral and written communication abilities using basic learned phrases and sentences.
  • Work in routine, entry-level jobs that involve only the most basic oral and written communication.

Course Topics:

  • Basic conversation and pronunciation practice
  • Verbs in the past/present/future
  • Using conjugated verbs to create sentences
  • Asking and answering questions


Price: $335

Format: Live remote course

Duration: 50 hours 

Completion of a new student orientation session and placement testing is required.

No orientation pre-registration necessary. All are welcome to join us on 5/7/21 to begin the registration process. 

Online course registration and payments are limited to one per person.
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