AutoCAD Fundamentals (CE001_CRN50560)

Course Overview

AutoCAD provides a solid foundation in drawing and editing fundamentals, drawing automation techniques, layers and dimensioning. Students acquire the necessary skills needed to produce quality production drawings.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Navigate the AutoCAD interface.
  2. Create a customized drawing environment.
  3. Use and understand new short cut menus.
  4. Use drawing “zooming” methods.
  5. Understand how to manipulate layers and object properties.
  6. Use basic editing techniques.
  7. Understand basic drawing methods.
  8. Annotate drawings.
  9. Create and edit hatching.
  10. Automate the design and drafting process with blocks.
  11. Use and understand basic plotting methods.
  12. Improve and establish individual confidence in working with AutoCAD.
  13. Learn how AutoCAD works and how it is used in industry.
  14. Create quality 2-D drawings
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Price: $495

Format: Self-Paced

Duration: 30 hours (Course may take longer to achieve mastery)

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