Introduction to Small Business Management (80392)

Course Overview:

This course presents information about the environment of small business. Students are able to identify the initial problems and issues with starting a small business, buying an existing business, or with obtaining a franchise. This course also addresses the management, marketing, and business skills necessary to operate a small venture; the international/global operations of small enterprises; and the cyberspace (e-Commerce) operations of a small business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and discuss entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Discuss the three ways to have a small business a) start it from scratch, b) acquire a franchise, and c) buy an existing business
  • Identify the problems and issues associated with starting and managing a small business
  • Identify sources of information and assistance for small businesses
  • Explain the impact of the Internet and globalization on small businesses and e-commerce opportunities
  • Describe the management, marketing, and business skills needed to start and operate a small business successfully
  • Apply global business theories and concepts to solve small business problems presented in case study(ies)
  • Explain the importance, purpose, and objectives of small business plans
  • Use templates and software used to make business plans
  • Explain the skills needed to manage the human and professional resources of the small business
  • Explain the role of customer service, product, and distribution in small business development

Sequence of Instruction:

1. Entrepreneurship Opportunities

2. Start-Ups, Franchises, and Buyouts

3. The Family Business

4. The Role of the Business Plan

5. Developing the Marketing Plan

6. Management Teams, Organizational Forms, and Strategic

7. Alliances

8. The Location Plan

9. Customer Service, Product, and Distribution Strategies

10. Promotional Strategy


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No prerequisites

Format: Self-Paced

Duration: 9 Hours

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