Spanish for EMS (70709)

Course Overview

This 16 hour self-paced online course is designed for EMS personnel wanting to gain basic knowledge of essential words and phrases to assist in communicating with Spanish-speaking people. Course content will include common real life situations, including emergencies, which EMS personnel would routinely encounter during interaction with Spanish-speaking people.   

Course Modules:

  1. Language and Culture Overview
  2. Spanish Pronunciation
  3. Greetings and Personal Exchanges
  4. Communication Strategies
  5. Obtaining Key Information
  6. Everyday Terms
  7. Obtaining Further Details
  8. Pain Assessment
  9. Medical Question and Medicines/Drugs
  10. Paramedic Instructions
  11. Injuries and Symptoms
  12. Body Parts and Organs
  13. Emergencies
  14. Practice Conversations
  15. 911 Call center (Optional Module)
  16. Additional Practice
Online course registration and payments are limited to one per person.


Price: $50

Format: Self-paced
Duration: 16 hours (Course may take longer to achieve mastery)

Please be advised that once you have registered and paid for the online course, you have 30 days to login to the online course.  After 30 days, if you have not logged into the online course, you will be withdrawn from the course and issued a 100% refund.  

We are unable to offer refunds once you have logged into the course. 

Price: $50.00