Professional Business Skills

Courses in Program

Understanding Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (CE130_CRN50495)
Conflict is all around us, but it isn't something to be feared! In business and personal relationships, there is bound to be conflict between individuals.
Ongoing $89.00
Conversational Spanish (CE002_CRN50500)
This self-paced course provides an introductory overview of Conversational Spanish for those with little or no Spanish proficiency. It serves as a prerequisite for a more advanced study.
Ongoing $149.00
Working in a Diverse World (CE026_CRN50528)
This course focuses on exploration of our diverse traits, behaviors, beliefs, and practices in relation to how we perceive and interact with others in our working environments.
Ongoing $89.00
Introduction to Project Management (CE990_CRN50517)
This course is an introduction to the concepts of project management.  We will approach project management in a general format, that is without any focus towards a particular profession, industry, or specialization.
Ongoing $199.00