Courses in Program

Python for ArcGIS (CE001_CRN60914)
This course will have Students use python to produce solutions to automate geo-processing functions using a variety of programming methods, structures, and data sources.
Ongoing $95.00
Forklift Training Prep Class (CE002_CRN60416)
Forklift Operators are in high demand, so if you enjoy the fast paced, exciting environment of the distribution and logistics industries, or other types of commercial and industrial warehouse sites, becoming a Forklift Operator may be for you.
Ongoing $50.00
AutoCAD Fundamentals (CE001_CRN50560)
AutoCAD provides a solid foundation in drawing and editing fundamentals, drawing automation techniques, layers and dimensioning. Students acquire the necessary skills needed to produce quality production drawings.
Ongoing Not Available
The purpose of the course is to certify automotive technicians to become Emissions Inspection Technicians. Identify, describe and perform a visual and OBD II vehicle test according to the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
Ongoing Not Available