Medical Terminology (70529)
This course will provide the participant with an overview of medical terminology. Beginning with the frequently used suffixes, the course will progress to include commonly used terms from each of the major body systems. Frequently used medical abbreviations will also be included. At the end of this program the student will be able to correctly spell the commonly used medical terms, pronounce the medical terms, define the frequently used medical terms, and utilize medical terms in the workplace.
5/31/22 - 6/29/22 $384.00
Intro to Anatomy & Physiology (80001)
Prerequisite: Medical Terminology. This course serves as an introduction to any career in the healthcare field. Basic body organization and review of all body systems are included within this course. There is no lab required.
7/11/22 - 8/29/22 $559.00
Cardiac Illness and Disease (80002)
Prerequisites: Medical Terminology & Intro to Anatomy & Physiology. This 18-hour course reviews the detailed workings of the cardiovascular system including disorders, diseases and pharmacology. It is designed to provide the cardiology technician student with the specified information pertaining to the cardiovascular system in order for preparation to take the EKF Theory I and II courses.
9/12/22 - 9/28/22 $265.00
EKG Theory (80003)
This course deals with the basic scientific theory underlying EKGs and cardiac rhythms. This course will provide the allied health professional with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize cardiac dysrhythmias. The course will include a review of cardiac anatomy and physiology. The relationship between myocardial infarctions and the different EKG changes will also be included. Prerequisite: Medical Terminology and Intro to Anatomy and Physiology and Cardiac Illness and Disease. This course is also available to nurses who are interested in rhythm interpretation and can be taken as a standalone course. Textbooks are an additional cost and mandatory first day.
10/3/22 - 11/16/22 $559.00
EKG Applications (80004)
This course provides a focus on the applications of coding principles learned in EKG Theory and is designed to further prepare and educate students for certification. This course provides a hands-on introduction to the devices used in testing the cardiovascular system. This will include recording of basic vital signs, EKGs, cardiac monitoring and stress testing. The course involves the set up and adjustments of the equipment as well as the interpretation of the results. Textbooks are an additional cost and mandatory first day of class. Prerequisite: Medical Terminology, Intro to A&P, Cardiac Illness and Disease and EKG Theory.
11/28/22 - 1/9/23 $384.00