Basic Handgun Marksmanship and Safety for Civilian (70673)
This 2-hour online course is the precursor to our Basic Handgun Marksmanship and Safety for Civilian (In-person Range) course. This course is designed for the civilian who is new to handgun ownership and it provides basic knowledge about a handgun. Students will be provided with instruction about the nomenclature of the pistol and handgun, firearms safety and storage.
Ongoing $30.00
Basic Pennsylvania Law for Handgun Ownership, Use and Liability (70672)
This 2-hour online course is highly recommended for any civilian who intends on possessing a handgun for self-protection. This course will provide the civilian handgun owner with basic knowledge regarding the laws of Pennsylvania as it pertains to handgun ownership, use and liability.
Ongoing $30.00
Pennsylvania Act 120 Prep Course I (Laws and Criminal Procedure)
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) requires anyone eligible to be certified as a police officer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, take and pass a 200 question multiple choice question exam after a cadet completes a Basic Recruit Curriculum for Municipal Police Officers. This course is designed as a prep course covering one section of the exam (Laws and Criminal Procedure).
Ongoing Not Available
Spanish for Law Enforcement (70377)
This self-paced course provides an introductory overview of Spanish for Law Enforcement for those with little or no Spanish proficiency.  Commonly used phrases, vocabulary, and grammatical structures will be mastered through a variety of interactive activities and assessments. Cultural insights accompany each module. 
Ongoing $50.00