The distinct purpose of the HACC Paramedic Program is to prepare competent entry-level Paramedics in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains with or without exit points at the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and/or Emergency Medical Technician, and/or Emergency Medical Responder levels We pride ourselves on offering a high quality and challenging curriculum, delivered by some of the best experienced instructors and active ALS providers available. HACC's Paramedic Program prepares students for the National Registry Paramedic Certification (NR-P) and certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as a Paramedic.

Paramedics perform various duties, including (but not limited to):

  • Administer emergency medications
  • Introduce intravenous and intraosseous lines
  • Obtain and interpret electrocardiographs (ECGs) and administer electrical therapy
  • Perform advanced airway management
  • Recognize, assess and treat medical and traumatic emergencies
  • Provide solutions to complex problems in stressful environments

In 2020:

  • 92.3% of our students passed the NREMT/State Written Exam.
  • 74.3% of our students successfully completed the program.
  • 92.3% of our students found a job in the field.


What can I do as a paramedic in the workforce?

Paramedics work for private ambulance agencies, fire departments, hospitals or other rescue services. They can also work in remote medicine, wilderness medicine, at resorts, on cruise ships, job sites, life support helicopters and provide medical support for special events. Paramedics, like many other clinicians, perform shift work that includes weekends, nights and holidays.


Average Annual Salary


What are HACC’s classes like?

The paramedic program is offered in Daytime or Evening Programs. These classes consists of in-person classes, online work, and clinical rotations.

Clinical Requirements:View our Clinical FAQs here! (pdf)

  • 100 Emergency Department Clinical Hours
  • 250 EMS Field Internship Hours
  • 32 Specialty Clinical Hours (i.e. ICU/OR)


Where are classes held?

In-person classes are offered at the Senator John J. Shumaker Public Safety Center on HACC’s Harrisburg Campus.

Day Key: U=Sunday, M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, H=Thursday, F=Friday, and S=Saturday


Our program is going through the final stages of revision (curriculum and tuition) to meet the standards set by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), which is the only nationally recognized accreditor for EMS education. Once that’s completed, the application and open enrollment will be available on our website.


The following are tentative start dates for Paramedic in 2024-2025:

• July 2024 (Daytime) – Public Safety Center (HACC – Harrisburg campus)

• Jan 2025 (Daytime) – Public Safety Center (HACC – Harrisburg campus)


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